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We were founded to fill a big hole in the auto industry. For too long, dealerships have relied on complicated spreadsheets to track key metrics such as closing percentages and lead generation counts. So, we developed a powerful software to allow dealerships to set goals, track leads, and view closing percentages, all from one place. 

Performance Tracking

View sales by dealership, set goals, and track closing percentages from one innovative dashboard.

Digital Reporting

Check up on your online ads, email marketing, and SEO from our reporting dashboard in real time.  

Review Monitoring

72% of customers won’t take action until they have read reviews. DSI360 helps you track your current reviews, and incentivize your customers to leave positive reviews.

Mystery Shops

DSI360 will conduct digital and in person (depending on location) mystery shops, so you can see what your customers see.

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Our Innovative Reporting Software

Tracking your online metrics from different dashboards can be tricky and time consuming. We pull in your email marketing, SEO, and digital marketing statistics to one dashboard. The stats are updated in real time. This lets you view a variety of things, but one that we have found most important for our customers is that you can view where you are getting the most leads and what your cost per lead is. This can be important when drawing up your advertising budgets. 

Dealership Insights 360

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Of customers won’t take action until they’ve read reviews.

Of millennials trust online reviews as much as friends and family.

Of executives consider reputation risk as a top business issue. 

Of users need less than 10 reviews to form an opinion about a business.

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Review Monitoring

Online reviews are crucial to any dealership. Most people will consult reviews about a business they wish to purchase from. If they read that someone got ripped off or had a bad experience at your dealership, they may never consider buying from you. So, we help you track your positive versus negative reviews whilst simultaneously putting a system in place to incentivize more positive reviews for your dealership on sites like Google and Facebook. 

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