Dealership Insights 360 provides crucial backend systems for automotive dealerships everywhere.

We were founded to fill a big hole in the auto industry. For too long, dealerships have relied on complicated spreadsheets to track key metrics such as closing percentages and lead generation counts. So, we developed a powerful software to allow dealerships to set goals, track leads, and view closing percentages, all from one place. 

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Performance Tracking

Our software allows you to track employee and dealership performance. Track closing percentages by dealership or by employee. You can also set goals from within the dashboard, and generate reports based on those goals. Leads vs appointments, appointments vs shows, and shows vs sold are tracked and reported on the dashboard. 

Digital Reporting

We pull in your email marketing, SEO, and digital marketing statistics to one dashboard. The stats are updated in real time. This lets you view a variety of things, but one that we have found most important for our customers is that you can view where you are getting the most leads and what your cost per lead is. This can be important when drawing up your advertising budgets. 

Review Monitoring

78% of potential customers won’t take action until they have read the reviews for a business. It’s important they see positive reviews, so we report on how many positive vs negative reviews you have. Then, we help generate more positive reviews from past customers. 

Appointment Scheduling

We allow potential customers to schedule appointments with BDRs via an email or webpage with available time slots listed. This makes scheduling and managing appointments easier for everyone. 

Mystery Shops

Understanding your customer experience – from the customer’s prospective – is imperative to increasing conversion rates. So, DSI360 will perform online and in person (depending on location) mystery shops, to test how your salesmen are handling new potential customers. 

Performance Tracking

Track BDR Statistics

Our performance tracking software tracks the following:

  • Leads In vs Appointments Scheduled
  • Appointments Scheduled vs Appointments Shown
  • Appointments Shown vs Appointments Closed 

We also keep track of these within the following subcategories:

  • Phone Ups
  • Internet Leads
  • Showroom
  • Campaigns

Below is an example with real data:

*Real data from real client. Client’s name has been blurred out for confidentiality.

Track Employee Performance

From the dashboard, you can also set goals and track employee performance as shown on the left. The software also allows you to track if you are on track to hit your goals for the month. 

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